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Professional Licensing

Professional licensing is essential for people who need a license from the State of Vermont to do their job, for instance, a teacher, a lawyer, a doctor, a hair stylist, a realtor, and many others. If you are having trouble with your license‒either keeping one or obtaining one‒Rob Backus’s many years of experience in this field are available to you. If you are facing disciplinary actions from your licensing board or need help getting licensed, Rob has the knowledge to help you.

Attorney Experienced in Professional Licensing Law

Rob Backus, Esq.

Rob Backus

Rob has been an attorney since 1985, giving him deep knowledge in a variety of areas. Rob is experienced in Administrative, Appeals, Criminal Defense, DUI, Family, Juvenile, Government, Civil & Commercial Litigation, Neighbor Disputes, Professional Licensing and Traffic Offenses.

Mark Oettinger, Esq.
Montroll & Backus, P.C. Attorneys At Law Burlington, VT
Montroll & Backus, P.C. Attorneys At Law Burlington, VT


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