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Traffic Offenses

If you receive a traffic ticket in Vermont, don’t hesitate to call. Attorney Rob Backus has successfully prosecuted and defended literally thousands of tickets. Rob understands how to interact with the police and the courts for the benefit of his clients. Rob commonly assists with speeding tickets and has helped all types of drivers with this offense, including those with commercial licenses. Rob Backus has had consistent success negotiating good results for clients charged with speeding and other driving offenses. Schedule the time to talk to an attorney before you take any action on your ticket.

Attorney Experienced in Traffic Offenses

Rob Backus, Esq.

Rob Backus

Rob has been an attorney since 1985, giving him deep knowledge in a variety of areas. Rob is experienced in Administrative, Appeals, Criminal Defense, DUI, Family, Juvenile, Government, Civil & Commercial Litigation, Neighbor Disputes, Professional Licensing and Traffic Offenses.

Montroll & Backus, P.C. Attorneys At Law Burlington, VT
Montroll & Backus, P.C. Attorneys At Law Burlington, VT


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